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Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Amal's Solar Power Conditioning Unit is a package of solar charge controller, grid charger and the inverter that has high performance features with higher efficiency, reliability and noiseless operation.

Key Features

  • DSP Based Full Digital Design
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Dual LED Display for Solar & Inverter Conditions
  • Zero Drop MPPT/SPWM Solar Charge Controller with Energy Meter
  • High Efficiency Design
  • Solar LCD will display PV Voltage, PV Wattage, PV Amps & Total Solar Power in Units
  • Inverter LCD will display AC - In, AC - Out, Load in Wattage, Charging Current in Amps, Battery Voldage, System Heat in 0 c,
  • Priority Selection
    1. Solar » Battery » Mains
    2. Solar » Mains » Battery

Technical Specifications for Solar PCUs

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Amal Power Solutions has offered me the products at affordable cost with the high quality of resources when compared to others and also the output of the products are seemed to be well performed.

The Amal power solution has provided me with excellent consulting facilities and assistance in solar thermal energy, e-mobility, and off-grid solutions.

Thanks to Amal for their wonderful work. Their expertise in handing challenging projects is very inspirable. I am sure they are the best for solar energy power developments.