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Amal Solar Power Solutions is basically organized to provide high quality services to its clients all over the world. Keeping the customers in mind, each of our system is designed specifically to deliver the varied needs of the customers over different sectors.

Our team of professionals has the ability, expertise, competence and knowledge in dealing with any kind of request from the clients having any type of requirement. And, our cutting-edge approach has made us have a better understanding of the customers building long-term relationship with them.

We focus mainly on the services and supports to ensure the performance of our systems are optimal. In our experience, we have built a long-lasting relationship with over 500+ customers. Our detailed planning of services includes various activities that provide end-to-end alternative power solutions.

With over years of expertise in technical fields, we offer everything from planning, installation, repair and maintenance, equipment rental and other kind of services to analyze and monitor the products.

Our services include the following:

  • Consultancy/Feasibility
  • Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • Engineering and Design
  • Operation and Maintenance

We ensure our wide range of products are perfectly certified and are of high standards suiting the specifications of almost all countries that have the capability of delivering optimal performance. No matter wherever you are located, we provide 24/7 customer friendly service!

Why Amal Solar Power Solutions?

  • Save on electrical cost
  • Get back your initial investment in less than three to five years
  • Extra backup and longer battery life
  • Focus on offering high quality customized products at cheap rates
  • Integrated flexible services
  • Faith in solar power will improve the quality of your lives

If you wish to have a clean, green, eco-friendly environment, Join us!

Let's make the world go green!!

Our Services

Amal Power Solutions has offered me the products at affordable cost with the high quality of resources when compared to others and also the output of the products are seemed to be well performed.

The Amal power solution has provided me with excellent consulting facilities and assistance in solar thermal energy, e-mobility, and off-grid solutions.

Thanks to Amal for their wonderful work. Their expertise in handing challenging projects is very inspirable. I am sure they are the best for solar energy power developments.