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Solar Panels

Our top rated solar panels offer high performance and high quality that yields an efficient amount of energy in varying climatic conditions.

Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Amal's Solar Power Conditioning Unit is a package of solar charge controller, grid charger and the inverter that has high performance features.

Solar Water Heater

With the solar water heaters, you will have hot water whenever you required. It has no recurring cost of electricity and it provides years of trouble free usage. It saves your energy and environment .

Solar Garden Lights

Our solar garden lights are easy to install, cost-effective, efficient and can be relocated easily. They are commonly used in garden, landscape, parks or streets as it provides good illumination.

Solar Garden Street Lights

We are specialized in offering solar garden street lights that has all in one integrated design and are 100% energy efficient, renewable, free maintenance and pollution free.

Street and Garden Lights

We also provide solar street and garden lights that are made of exceptional quality in delivering high performance lights solutions for outdoor areas. This will be the ideal solution.

Solar Pillar Lights

We have a wide range of unique, solar powered pillar lights that can provide a beautiful makeover to your outdoors. They are 100% eco-friendly, safe and energy efficient that helps you to live green.

Pillar Light Sensor

The Solar Pillar Light Sensor that we produce is built in order to serve various applications and they have adjustable light fixtures to increase the coverage of the illumination.

Motion Sensor

Our solar motion sensor light is activated with motion sensing elements within specific distance. This helps in lighting the pathway if you are parking your car to produce sudden burst of light.

Portable Solar Chargers

Amal's portable solar chargers come with enhanced features for your battery charging needs. Now you can charge your mobile phones very easily with the solar powered chargers.

Our Services

Amal Power Solutions has offered me the products at affordable cost with the high quality of resources when compared to others and also the output of the products are seemed to be well performed.

The Amal power solution has provided me with excellent consulting facilities and assistance in solar thermal energy, e-mobility, and off-grid solutions.

Thanks to Amal for their wonderful work. Their expertise in handing challenging projects is very inspirable. I am sure they are the best for solar energy power developments.