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Our Solar Monocrystalline panels are made of superior technology and when it seems to be the best when comes to quality and reliability. Their high peak of efficiency in the moderate climate is the major plus point.

250-30-M With TUV,CE,MCS,CEC


  • High conversion efficiency
  • Low power tolerance of 0~+3%
  • Low degradation under light exposure
  • Can withstand high wind-pressure´╝îsnow load and extreme temperature
  • Passing IEC 61215 2400Pa mechanical load test

Quality and Safety

  • 10-year warranty on product materials and processing technology
  • Power output warranty:10 years:90%,25 years:80%
  • ISO 9001:2008(Quality Management System) certified factory
  • IEC61215,IEC61730 ,MCS CEC certified products
  • TUV,CE conformity


  • On-grid residential roof-tops
  • On-grid commercial/industrial roof-tops
  • Solar power plants
  • Off-grid system
  • Other on-grid applications

250-30-M With TUV,CE,MCS,CEC


Mechanical Characteristics&Packaging

250-30-M with TUV,CE,MCS,CEC

Details of each part

250-30-M With TUV,CE,MCS,CEC

Junction box

Our Services

Amal Power Solutions has offered me the products at affordable cost with the high quality of resources when compared to others and also the output of the products are seemed to be well performed.

The Amal power solution has provided me with excellent consulting facilities and assistance in solar thermal energy, e-mobility, and off-grid solutions.

Thanks to Amal for their wonderful work. Their expertise in handing challenging projects is very inspirable. I am sure they are the best for solar energy power developments.